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S1T Trim Tab Doubler

A small album of photographs of a trim tab doubling modification on the Pitts S1T. The doubling prevents fatigue cracks at the inboard edge of the trim tab where at the control lever attach point.

If I were to build a plane, it might be this Hatz Bantam modified by Mark Marino, featured on the cover of the November, 2006 issue of EAA Sport Aviation. Mark is making this available as a kit or as plans. All of the kit parts currently total about $34,000.

CEP kit in HGU-55 helmet

How to install a Communications Ear Protection kit in an HGU-55 helmet.

Assembling canopy rails

How to assemble the drawer-slide canopy rail for maximum travel.

Canopy polishing and scratch removal

Using abrasives to remove scratches from the canopy.

Canopy removal and installation

How to access the bolts that attach the canopy rails to the fuselage.

Pitts Parts and Hardware

The various screws, parts, and other hardware that I keep around for my Pitts, including Aircraft Spruce catalog numbers and page links.

Aerobatic Sequence Spreadsheet

Automatically updates K values, figure total K, and sequence total K; highlights duplicate catalog numbers.

Box Lat/Lon Computation

This tip provided by Peter Ashwood-Smith contains a Windows executable and C++ source code for computing the Latitude and Longitude of contest box markers.