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IAC Contest Log and Milestones

July 2016Fort Morgan, CO1st of four AdvancedWith DJ Molny and his Giles 200
June 2016Seward, NE7th of seven AdvancedThanks to DJ Molny for sharing his Giles 200
June 2015Seward, NE7th of nine SportsmanThanks to Johnny Blum riding in the back of his Pitts S2B
April 2015USAFA6th of seven Intermediate (one flight)Thanks to Dagmar Kress for allowing me to fly her Pitts S2C
May 2014Lamar, CO1st of two IntermediateThanks to DJ Molny who invited me to participate flying his Giles 200
September 2013Sherman, TXJury Chair, U.S. Nationals
September 2012Sherman, TXScorekeeper, U.S. Nationals
August 2011Hammonton, NJVolunteer Coordinator
July 2011Springfield, VTVolunteer, Contest Jury
June 2011Olean, NYVolunteerNo flying due to weather. We found a kitten.
September 2010Sherman, TXContest Director, U.S. Nationals
July 2010Lumberton, NJJudged all categories
July 2010Mongomery, NYSold my share of the Giles to John FellenzerJohn is now the sole owner
June 2010Wildwoods, NJJudge Primary, Sportsman, Intermediate, Unlimited, 4 minAirplane out for maintenance
June 2010Olean, NYLast of four Advanced, Judge IntermediateOnly flew the known flight
May 2010West Milford, NJ3rd of 4 AdvancedThree flights
December 2009Philadelphia, PAAdvanced Category Northeast Region 3rd place overall, 2009To Scott and Sergey
September 2009Sherman, TXIAC Robert L. Heuer Award for Judging ExcellenceBecause I count on my fingers
September 2009Sherman, TXNationals JudgeAdvanced World Team selection.
August 2009Lumberton, NJ4th of 6 Advanced; Chief IntermediateThird place on the unknown.
July 2009Springfield, VT2nd of 4 Advanced; JudgeTo Sergey Prolagayev.
June 2009Wildwoods, NJ2nd of 6 AdvancedTo Scott Francis. 73.67% beat my 70% goal and got 1st on the Known. WWD contest notes
September 2008Sherman, TXNationals JudgeIntermediate, Unlimited World Team Selection
August 2008Lumberton, NJ8th of 11 Intermediate; Chief Judge, AdvancedThird place on the free.
July 2008Springfield, VT7th of 10 IntermediateFirst contest with G200. Third place on the free.
June 2008Montgomery, NYBought Giles 200Partners with John Fellenzer
April 2008Poughkeepsie, NYPitts S1T soldTo be a star in Sweden
October 2007Farmville, VA5th of 9 Intermediate; Contest Jury; Judge2nd place on the free to Scott Francis
August 2007Lumberton, NJ1st of 12 Intermediate; Chief Judge Advanced1st place on the unknown, 2nd on the known to Scott Francis
June 2007Springfield, MAJudge; Intermediate4th of 12 on the unknown
September 2006Warrenton, VAJudge; Contest Jury; SportsmanFlew Greg Stringer's beautiful B�cher Jungman
August 2006Springfield, VTJudge; Became National JudgeOral administered by Greg Dungan and Guenther Eichorn
July 2006St. Hyacinth, Quebec3rd of 4 Intermediate; JudgeZeros on the known. 1st place on the free and unknown flights. Sheldon Apsell of Chapter 35 took 1st
July 2006Lumberton, NJ12th of 13 Intermediate; JudgeZeroed first flight for low-low. 2nd place on the unknown flight.
June 2006Marysville, OH9th of 11 Intermediate; Judge
August 2005Springfield, VT3rd of 15 Sportsman; JudgeWes Liu of Chapter 35 took 1st.
August 2005Lumberton, NJ1st of 14 Sportsman; JudgeWes Liu of Chapter 35 took 2nd
June 2005Marysville, OH4th of 12 Sportsman; JudgeBeat National Champion Joe Haycraft on the known!
June 2005Maytown, PA4th of 7 Sportsman; JudgeZeros on first flight (last place). First place on second flight. Ed Jepson took first.
April 2005Orange, MA2nd of 14 Sportsman; Judge; The BurnsGreg Ryan of Chapter 35 took 1st. Bob Burns award for best cared-for airplane.
April 2004Orange, MA5th of 18 Sportsman; JudgeRay Franke won best first time sportsman and took first in the category
October 2003Warrenton, VA2nd of 2 Primary; Judge
August 2003Monticello, NY1st of 3 Primary; Judge
August 2003Annapolis, MDSolo Pitts S1TPurchased from Pat Obert
May 2003Maytown, PAAssist, Became Regional Judgewith Dennie Thompson. Oral administered by Greg Dungan and Bill Finagin
May 2003Orange, PAAssist
August 2002Monticello, NYAssist
May 2002Orange, PAAssist
May 2002Maytown, PAAssist
May 2002Warrenton, VAAssist